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Nikki Iles Quintet Recorded 12th and 14th Feb. 2002 at Mark Angelo Studio by Greg Sulzmann.

Featuring: Nikki Iles – Piano Stan Sulzmann – Tenor/Soprano Saxophones Mike Outram – Electric Guitar Mick Hutton – Double Bass Anthony Michelli – Drums

Track Listing:
01 Beauteous Beast (Nikki Iles) 6:03
02 Crocodile tears (Nikki Iles) 8:36
03 Little One (Nikki Iles) 8:20
04 High Lands (Nikki Iles) 6:46
05 So to Speake (Nikki Iles) 2:16
06 Fly’s Dilemma (Nikki Iles) 6:34
07 Secret Place (Nikki Iles) 6:19
08 Silver and Gold (Stan Sulzmann) 8:20
09 Westerly (Nikki Iles) 7:26
10 Veils (Nikki Iles) 8:55

Nikki Iles is one of those musicians who has made many distinguished contributions to a whole range of bands, but whose own musical personality has not always been foremost in them. This CD goes a long way to putting that right – it’s a collection of Nikki’s original pieces played by highly sympathetic colleagues, who collectively reveal the distinctiveness and originality of her work. Each of the pieces here is full of strong melodic¬†ideas, and over the programme as a whole you can’t help admiring the sheer variety of moods and textures which she manages to conjure up. So much credit must go to saxophonist Stan Sulzmann, guitarist Mike Outram, bassist Mick Hutton and drummer Anthony Michelli for sparkling interpretations of Nikki’s music – without overlooking her own contributions as one of the most creative pianists around. Compelling stuff – this is one that you’ll keep going back to.

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