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Award winning pianist and composer, Nikki Iles takes her 20 piece Jazz Orchestra on a national tour marking a new chapter in a long and distinguished career in British Jazz, gathering together commissions from over the years, new orchestrations of her own small band tunes and new compositions, all played by the remarkable band she has assembled. The depth and range  of the exhilarating writing and arranging suggest it will be less like a debut, but more like seasoned hand and a distinctive voice, with the music bought to vivid life by a top drawer band.

Nikki Iles - Conductor, Piano, Accordion
Mike Walker - Guitar
Steve Watts - Bass
Ian Thomas - Drums 


Andy Schofield - Alto, Soprano, Flute
Paul Jones - Alto, Flute
Julian Siegel - Tenor, Bass Clarinet
Tori Freestone - Tenor, Flute
Karen Sharp - Baritone, Tenor, Clarinet
Gareth Lochrane - Flute


Tom Walsh
Henry Lowther
James Copas
Nick Smart


Gordon Campbell
Richard Henry
Ollie Martin
Harry Maund