We’re so proud and excited to announce that the renowned pianist, composer and conductor, Nikki Iles, a beacon in British jazz, is set to release her debut big band album, “Face to Face” in a groundbreaking collaboration with the esteemed German NDR Bigband on 17th November. 📅

Encapsulating decades of Iles’ evolved craft, blending her unique commissions, orchestrations, and freshly commissioned pieces into a radiant soundscape. From the enthralling “Misfits” to the evocative journey of “Wild Oak”, every track is a testament to Nikki’s profound artistry and inspiration from her days with the Creative Jazz Orchestra.

Tim Garland, who writes liner notes for the album, beautifully captures the essence of Nikki’s work, stating, “Nikki allows all musical elements to resonate from the heart when she writes.” With Ian Thomas on drums and the electrifying Mike Walker on guitar, this record promises moments of sheer musical exhilaration

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